AlphaValley Developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Multi-factor Authentication


The client needed to address the vulnerabilities related to the undetected breaches and insider threat, in favor for a multi-factor authentication methodology.

He needed a professional agency to strengthen his existing pitch deck with a powerful narrative and assuring business credentials.
A Zero-trust security strategy enables organizations to transform and innovate, with military strength infrastructure, adopting new technologies and practices, assuring user productivity, and mitigating their risk profile. A tectonic shift towards multi-factor authentication [MFA] adoption has necessitated a fundamental change in the organization’s approach for security resilience. Organizations are now valuing more and applying principles of least privilege and privileged account management for uncompromising access to accounts.




Conveying a powerful story by sequencing components of the pitch deck


Integrating the fundraising objective and highlighting its key features


Validating industry needs and establishing the primacy of their offering


Putting forth a secure and viable investment case

The client needed funds for a seed round to develop a Zero-trust access authentication solution. He was preparing to implement the planned strategies, and wanted quality inputs in his pitch deck

The Final Results

Redeveloped an investor-friendly narrative with brevity to their business goals

Demonstrated clearly:
Risks and mitigation of the existing solution
Benefits of the use case

Analysed and unleashed the potential of investment in the identity assurance business

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