Are you convinced by the power of your idea but still think something’s amiss?

What do you prioritize – the story of your business or the business itself? What information, research or design will clinch the deal for you? Our pitch deck redesign service is an array of strategic interventions for a powerful story, which will articulate your vision, with research driven business case in an attractive design. All are vital ingredients for an investor, to consider your investment as a lifetime opportunity.

The only way to find an investor for your company is to create a powerful narrative around your vision, business insights and a viable business case. Compelling investors to ponder over how your solution is the need of the hour and deserves funding!


Winning elements of a good pitch deck are -

Powerful narrative

Elevator pitch presentation

Visualize the context

Always on purpose – securing funds

Authentic design

Win over your potential investors with the power of your potential. For a successful business, make a courageous decision! Put our pitch deck redesign services to good use. Let your business story take an all-new-avatar with an investor-grade pitch deck. Combine the power of your idea with the genius of our pitch deck redesign experts to enthrall investors for a ‘Yes’ to the funds you ought to have.


Content/ Market Research 

Market research helps a startup or an investor to see those opportunities and give them the confidence of seizing the opportunity. With our pitch deck redesign service, you can elevate your market research as it is an integral and in-separable part of the content strategy.

The content of the deck communicates your business insights and raise business owners’ level of understanding to influence and encourage an affirmative decision by the investor. Research-based content has the power to present your business offering before investors as a right fit for their portfolio. 



An impactful pitch deck story is like a good plot, introducing critical elements, setting up the stage for action, building up excitement in an immersive manner for the investors. The story should focus on bringing familiarity for the investors to win over their minds and bringing in those things only which serve the narrative.

An entrepreneur trying to impress VCs with his idea, should make sure that business context, its challenges and offered solutions must be part of a viable business case. At the time of story delivery, emphasis and adequate time shall be given to each element of the narrative rather than just the solution itself. It enhances the value of your solution for the target audience.



A powerful pitch deck is incomplete without a visually appealing design, as curating the presentation design has an added value. The overall design is an important part of our pitch deck redesign service and influences the thought process of investors.

A polished yet consistent design, sets up the expectations to succeed. A great design elevates content and simplifies the understanding to reinforce critical aspects of your story, converting the pitch deck as the best version of your business for an enchanting decision. 


In a nutshell

Constituents of a powerful pitch deck are –

A clear business focus/ plan

Effectively present the problem, the solution and the technique

Present value on offer for its users and partners

Prove that your business idea is doable

Engaging Infographics

To bring life to your pitch deck, our experts work round the clock for story, research and design to weave together all the above constituents and bring real traction (money) to your idea. Our pitch deck redesign service will help you deliver a professional deck to conserve your time and resources to prepare for raising funds.

AlphaValley's Pitch deck redesign service is there to unclog your business growth journey and realize your cherished dream. Our experts are just a call away — leave everything to us.