Scalable Investment Research

We enable asset managers, portfolio managers, VC & PE funds stay focused by offering reliable investment research services and analysis support.

We help PE/VC firms, and investment managers stay efficient and competitive. Scale your team while saving substantially on costs. Our pricing model is aligned to your dynamic needs.

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Helping Money Managers Stay Focused

Investment Research & Financial Advisory services are a high-stakes industry that is witnessing unprecedented changes even after a decade of the global financial crisis. There is increased pressure – from clients for better returns, higher valuations, & cheaper funding – from regulators increasing supervision, more significant restrictions & tightening liquidity and – from technology disrupting products, channels and customer engagement.

The strain on resources – financial and time – is making it increasingly challenging for the industry to drive growth and profitability as more of their time is absorbed by time-consuming but low-remunerating activities. It is essential that financial advisors, fund managers, investors, analysts, et al. dedicate their time to servicing clients, developing newer products, gaining competitive advantage, and identifying higher-return opportunities.

Having worked closely in and with the Financial Services fraternity across service portfolios, asset classes, and markets have exposed us to the challenges & constraints faced by them. By supporting their research and analysis activities through flexible engagement models, we enable them to focus on the more critical services.

Our Solution


Equity & Investment Research Services

Focused investment research services for buy-side and sell-side managers

– Sector Analysis
– Macro-economic Analysis
– Target Screening and Shortlisting
– Buyer Screening for Strategic Sale
– Company Analysis
– Commercial & Financial Due Diligence
– Initiating Coverage
– Fund and Portfolio Monitoring


Financial Analysis & Modeling Services

Financial analysis and analytics services for PE-VC, IB and M&A firms

– Integrated financial models
– MIS Dashboards
– LBO, M&A Modeling
– Precedent Transactions Analysis
– Comparative Company Analysis
– Sensitivity Analysis
– Multi-stage growth forecasting


Business Valuation Services

Offering CFO & Financial Consulting services to startups & SMBs

– Independent Valuation
– DCF Model
– Comps Analysis
– Venture Capital Approach
– Revenue Forecasting
– Cap Tables and Equity Dilution


Presentation and Publishing Support

Focused research services for buy-side and sell-side managers

– Newsletters
– Investor presentations
– Whitepapers: Industry Analysis & Report creation
– News Monitoring
– Marketing and Communication Support
– Presentation Design

Clients we work with

PE/VC Firms

Buy-Side Analysts

Sell-Side Managers

M&A Advisors

Management Consultants

Family Offices

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More details about our services

Investment Research Services

We offer quality and unbiased insights on high growth sectors through our bespoke sector research reports. Our consultants have thoroughly covered niche sub-verticals in SaaS and emerging digital technologies such as Marketing-tech, Health-tech, Fintech, Blockchain, and more. We regularly track investments, M&A activities and technology changes in these high-growth segments.

Financial Analysis Services

We develop robust yet user-friendly financial models. Our financial models are light, easy to configure and tweak. Our experience in financial modelling comprises DCF valuation, comparative equity valuation, real estate, sensitivity analysis, pro forma statements for small businesses. We excel at extensive growth based financial modelling for SaaS startups (incl. complex CLTV, CAC, Churn and cohort calculations.)

Target Research Services

Unlike off-the-shelf cursory reports our company profiles are comprehensive, insightful, and customized. Our company profiles typically include background, strategy, brief sector trend, competitive benchmarking, value chain analysis, financial analysis, customer/distribution analysis and much more. We also develop company briefings as part of a regular portfolio monitoring service.

IM/Pitch Books Services

We develop end-to-end information memorandums for independent investment managers and VC/PE firms. The memorandums are often combined with our other services such as financial modeling, valuation, sector and company research.

Presentation Design Services

Our experience of working with investors, combined with professional design and financial skills make our presentations a cut above the rest. We design impressive presentations for roadshows, analyst presentations, thematic research and more.

Bespoke Research Services

We offer other tailored services such as macro-economic research, one-page investment briefs, preliminary due-diligence, content development and reader engagement services for financial firms.