Why do you need one?

Appropriate funding at the right time is critical for scaling modern businesses. Everyone knows that raising capital requires persistence and undivided attention. For a startup founder like you, time is the most scarce resource. Any diversions, including constructing the capital raise materials could derail the momentum of your startup. Hiring a startup focused consultant is perhaps a better choice for emerging somewhat unscathed through the grind of startup funding process.

What makes a pitch deck investment worthy?

Gripping Story

Tell a story that investors can relate to. Decks that follow a common, template-like approach are more likely to be ignored.

Accuracy of Information

Be optimistic, but don’t exaggerate. Most of the experienced investors have knowledge of market, comps, and business models.

Business Case

Communicate the benefits to investors. Economic feasibility of a proposal plan is generally non-negotiable for seasoned investors.

Financial Plan

Business plan and financial model that projects your revenues, profits, and cash flows over 18-36 month period.

Startup/Founder Background

Communicating why the right team is behind the startup. Demonstrate a good mix of experience and founder roles.


Graphic design could be an important differentiator in the sea of pitch decks. Don’t overkill though! You are not entering a graphic design competition.


End-to-end pitch book and IM development

AlphaValley Advisors offer end-to-end consulting on development of investor facing materials such as pitch book, business plan, executive summary, and teaser.

1. Narrative Development

VC and PE firms receive hundreds of decks in a year. Great storytelling is what separates top startups from mediocre. At AlphaValley, we place a lot of emphasis on storytelling and ensure that the startup founder’s vision and customer problems/solutions are narrated persuasively.

2. Business Analysis

A vital evaluation criterion of Venture capitalists is the founding team’s knowledge of customer’s fundamental problems, demeanour the market, business models, and value chain. We dig deep to uncover critical insights about the business and environment.

3. Market Research

Our team has proven experience in conducting strategic/business research for stakeholders at Fortune 100 and investment/asset management firms.

4. Financial/Business Plan

We construct comprehensive business plans that are backed by reliable information obtained from research and tested against different scenarios. We provide the business plan or financial model in a spreadsheet and a summary of the plan is included in the deck.

Case Studies


IM & pitch deck for a pet healthcare startup

AlphaValley helped Wiggles develop a compelling business plan, financial model and pitch book. Learn how Wiggles raised a seed round with our help.


Information memorandum for a recruitment tech firm

AlphaValley helped a technology veteran assess vital market insights and construct a compelling information memorandum.


Investor pitch documents for a marketing tech startup

HIIP, an online marketplace startup for brands and influencers based in Vietnam was looking to raise seed fund.



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What our clients say

Nana Wilberforce, USA

Amazing to work with. Very detailed and produces really quality work. I will recommend Abhishek to anyone.

Lindis Courtney, USA

He was fantastic at understanding the assignment and creating an excellent design in less than 24 hours. Great communication and obviously senior level in his ability to present complex financial information. Delivered more than what was asked. Definitely recommend! Will use him again.

Sahiba Narang, UAE

Abhishek was a real professional to deal with. He was very helpful, and I would definitely be working with him again.

Confidential, Saudi Arabia

If you are looking for professional, trusted, accurate work alpha valley is your company.

Pooja Thakrar, Spain

Was impressed with the work done, good response to any feedback given and worked well under time constraints.

Confidential, Vietnam

Thanks for all hard work. I think it is the final version and happy to get your help in this project. Look forward to meeting you in the future!

Pitch Deck & IM Development Process at AlphaValley Advisors

1. Immersion

In this phase our team immerses to understand your business objectives, vision and unique aspects. The immersion stage involves calls and discussions with the founding team. We ensure that we acquire deep understanding about your business and vision before proceeding with the analysis of external factors.


2. Business Model Analysis

This phase involves in-depth research about the internal and external factors that impact your business. We conduct in-depth research about competitors, industry and value chain. The insights from research help identify white space. Subsequently, we refine the business model canvas that depicts the foundation of a robust business plan.


3. Financial Plan Development

Drafting the plan begins with financial modeling, forecasting, and projections. Growth potential and financial viability are critical evaluation factors for investors and lenders. This sets the tone for a venture’s roadmap to achieve its vision and it must be reflected concisely in the business plan.


4. Narrative Development

The last stage is to critically review our own work. We scrutinize the plan to ensure that the structure, content and language are in order. It is also important to highlight the risk factors and key assumptions. This is to make investors recognize the team’s meticulous approach and objectiveness in preparing the business plan.




Financial Modelling

Macro to micro view approach (TAM, SAM, SOM metrics) for forecasting the startup business.

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Investment Research

An inside-out view that extrapolates internal assumptions to form a macro view.

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Pitch Deck Design

Professionally designed decks and business presentations.

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