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Clearly communicating the startups business potential to investors, business partners and other stakeholders is critical to winning their support, guidance and resources for building a successful venture.
Having a well thought through business backed with sound budgets & financials is not enough anymore to attract and retain stakeholder attention. Investors’ time to evaluate a startup is constantly reducing, and more startups are vying for them. It is imperative to answer the important questions of the investors in the least amount of time and still ensure to be memorable.
Our experience as startup founders and as advisors to the investment fraternity and corporations gives us a good understanding of the habits & challenges in the board rooms of investors/decision-makers and in the cubicles of startup founders.

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IM / Investor Pitch Deck

Compelling Pitch Decks for Growth-hungry Startup Founders Crisp & concisely drafted pitch decks that showcase the business idea, clear differentiating factor, strong fundamentals & team, and attractive growth potential are vital for garnering investor interest.

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Financial Modelling & Analysis

Investor-ready Business Plans, financial models, and growth projections for budgeting and fundraising. A comprehensive & detailed financial planning allows startups to effectively quantify their business goals and financial needs. This requires objective and detail-oriented expertise coupled with a strong understanding of finance to make accurate estimations.

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Business Valuation

Independent valuation using relevant methods that factor in the startup business model, growth stage, and peer benchmarks. Valuation is both, a science & art, and the value of any asset varies for each stakeholder. An external expert’s perspective gives an unbiased assessment and simultaneously unlocks the startup’s true worth to attract investor interest.

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VC Connect

Minimise time-to-funding by bringing startups to doorsteps of investors. Fundraising is a time-consuming and time-critical activity that can determine the fate of even fledgling startups. Eliminating the most unproductive phase of cold-chasing investors by making direct warm-connects with right-fit investors can make all the difference. CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS

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We have worked with entrepreneurs who are alumnus of noteworthy startups, VCs, and institutions.


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