AlphaValley developed a compelling pitch deck for an influencer marketing platform in Southeast Asia​


The founders were eager to raise seed funds from angel investors.

Influencer marketing has grown multifold in the last decade. From a humble beginning in early 2010s, the market size ballooned by 2020. In fact, some estimates now peg the global influencer marketing market at $16.4 billion in 2022. Furthermore, influencer marketing focused platforms raised a whopping $800M in funding in 2021. ​

By the mid-2010s, brands in developed markets like the US were increasingly engaging influencers. Yet, this market was nascent in Southeast Asia. There were few startups, and the ecosystem was nearly non-existent. Hence, brands in SEA lacked a platform to identify and connect with influencers at scale.




How to create a powerful story?​


How to present the idea in a simple yet professional design?​


Which investor questions to ​ focus on?​

The founders were working round the clock to ship features as their product found some marquee customers. The wanted to focus on developing the product. However, they had a meeting with angel investors in two weeks. The team wanted to hire an advisor locally but had limited budget. One of their angel investors recommended them to hire AlphaValley. We had successfully completed two assignments with the angel investor. ​

The Final Results

Crafted an impressive deck within deadline​

Investors admired the founders for brevity and flow of the deck​

Raised undisclosed amount in seed round from 500 startups. Paved the way for series-A.​

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