AlphaValley developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Cloud Kitchen


The client had forayed into the concept of cloud kitchen, aiming to close the loop on restaurant tech and fintech.

They needed our assistance in showcasing the challenges of outdated transactional systems of restaurants and the need for purpose-built cloud kitchens and omnichannel restaurant operations.
Food-tech has become an exciting space to be in and has led to the emergence of remote, centralized kitchens. A big opportunity lies in the combination of two great pieces of operating a restaurant, technology, and operations. The cloud kitchen concept is accelerating  kitchen owners to build scale while maximizing the utilization of  existing infrastructure.




How to create a content crisp deck?


How to make the offering, business model, and expansion plans look more presentable?


Delivery including high level design within tighter timelines


How to elevate the existing story and investment thesis for raising capital?

The client team wanted to revamp the deck for Series B round of funding. They wanted to focus on branding/marketing and hiring the right people to accomplish their vision. While they were convinced about the opportunity and market potential for their offering, they didn’t want to dilute their focus on elevating a compelling story for an existing pitch deck

The Final Results

Structured the entire content including an aesthetic design connecting the story

Brought clarity about the business model and expansion plans

Helped in demystifying an opportunistic investment in the SaaS-based cloud kitchen vertical with digitization as focus

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