Pitch Deck Revamp for Healthcare


The client needed our assistance to communicate their vision and define clear outcomes, derive the market size, and perform business valuation.

Early detection of cancer can save 7 million lives each year. There have been 20 million new cases, 10 million deaths annually (globally) in 2020. Presumptive detection can reduce the burden of high cancer mortality. Between 30-50% of cancers can be prevented by implementing evidence-based prevention strategies. Many cancers have a high chance of cure if detected and diagnosed early. ​

The client wanted to forge into a new dimension for early-stage cancer detection using innovative technology. The proposed technology could help analyze complex metabolomic signatures for cancer detection.




Succinctly communicate their vision and funding goals​


Arrive at a market size number and showcase the growth to potential investors​


Deliver high level designed deck with visuals and graphics​


Perform business valuation and elevate the existing story and flow of the deck​

The client had already raised a seed round and wanted to revamp the existing deck for expansion stage of funding. While the board members were busy implementing the expansion strategies, they did not want to dilute their focus on highlighting the narrative of the deck, structuring the content and designing the same.

The Final Results

Designed pitch deck with engaging narrative, crisp messaging, flawless design complementing the story​

Communicated: ​
1. Business outcomes with clear strategies and roadmap​
2. High growth potential with logical target market derivation​

Structured the entire content clearly, defining the objectives, target market, and stage-wise funding requirements​

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