Pitch Deck for NFT Marketplace


Client Need: To develop the right pitch for the potential investors

Contemporary art is a proven investment strategy for portfolio diversification. Recently a new asset class of NFT art has emerged as a front-runner amongst the crypto investors looking for returns in digital assets and broad base their investments. The value of sales reached US $ 2.6 billion for art related NFTs, expanding over a hundredfold in 2021, outside the art market. The phenomenal growth of fine art transactions on external NFT platforms is a case in point, expanding rapidly from 0.75 million in 2019 to 5.5 million in 2021, with collectibles dominating 85% of the market.​

The client had a diversified portfolio of iconic and curated artwork over an art tokenization platform, to offer for investment. He was looking to hire a professional advisor, to assist him in developing the right pitch for the potential investors. We brought the art of attention into this deck so that investors show interest and stay intrigued to seize this lucrative investment opportunity.​




Create a perfect funding proposal​


Communicate a safe yet highly appreciable capital for investment​


Outline the benefits of fine art investment as an asset and wealth multiplier for the future​

The client team was successfully operating in the NFT contemporary fine art market, providing trading and investment advisory. To expand their team and execute future branding strategies, they wanted to create a professional pitch deck representing solid business fundamentals, with the help of an experienced advisor.​

The Final Results

Delivered an engaging and effective pitch emphasizing a strong business case​

Communicated clearly about:​
1. The brand’s strong positioning in the target market​
2. The market potential and its key growth drivers​

Weaved a compelling narrative with aesthetically pleasing and crisp content​

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