AlphaValley Developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Virtual Law Firm


The client aimed to disrupt the old-school schemes built around the provision of contract law for services and do away with the complicated communication and exorbitant fees.

They required the services of an expert professional who could devise a customized pitch deck drawing out special attention to their legal solutions for MSMEs, Startups, and Individuals, as a redressal for their business legal needs in a quick, efficient yet affordable manner.
Technology is coming to the rescue for the legal sector, buoyed by a dramatic increase in use during the pandemic years, for automated processes and increased convenience. By 2024, legal departments will have automated mode for 50% of the legal work about predominant corporate transactions. The reduction in cost and flexible working hours are the prime motives behind the rise of this model.




Enlivening the vision and a decisive investment rationale


Positioning and showcasing their unique value proposition vis-à-vis the competition.


Spelling out the industry needs with rising legal tech automation in India


Validating key benefits and formulating a tenable action plan for the target market

The founder needed rapid entry into the market. His team was preparing to launch their solution and recruiting talented people for vision accomplishment. They required an expert advisor to formulate the business plan and a compelling narrative for their pitch deck

The Final Results

A razor-sharp investor pitch demonstrating the proper delivery of legal assistance for SMBs

Showcased a viable business plan with a robust business model, realistic projections, and a sustainable customer acquisition strategy

Demystified a valuable investment opportunity in legal technology and contract management

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