AlphaValley developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for an E-learning platform for coding


The client wanted to tap into this growing market by bringing in online coding courses for children aged from 6-18

They wanted our help to create a pitch deck demonstrating their vision, business strengths, traction and develop a business plan containing financial projections.
The pandemic’s induced lockdowns accelerated the growth of online learning platforms. EdTech players pivoted to become intermittent service providers. The USD 10Bn edtech opportunity by 2025 in India is forecasted to have 37 Mn+ paid edtech users by 2025. Convenience and low cost will be the driving factors for mass adoption of online education in India. The Indian, ‘Coding For Kids’ environment has seen exponential interest amidst the startups over the last 5 years and has enough potential to be at the forefront of Indian edtech by 2025.




Highlighting the boom of digital education in India


Showcasing the market dynamics and trends of online learning platforms


Presenting the course offerings, business moat and value proposition


Developing a convincing story and investment thesis for raising capital

The founder wanted to get to the market quickly. While he was busy implementing his strategies for branding/marketing and hiring the right people to accomplish his vision, he was looking for an advisor to create a compelling pitch deck presenting his business model, market opportunity, and fundraising objective.

The Final Results

Well-built investor pitch demonstrating a massive growth potential

Constructed a robust business plan containing the key growth projections and customer metrics

Helped in demystifying an opportunistic investment in student coding industry in India

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