AlphaValley developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Mental Health & Wellness Company


The client wanted to tap into a large and growing market of mental health and wellness segment in Canada.

The proposition was to offer a platform that solves for the unique needs of mental health for individuals and family groups through counselling, workshops and other programs with a trained network of professionals. In 2019, the U.S. mental health market spending reached USD $225B. About $5.2B Canadians seek for mental treatments. 61% of Canadian primary care practices are not accepting new patients. Accessible and inclusive mental health care is a large and growing problem. Stress and anxiety brought on by the health crisis have accelerated demand for virtual behavioral health services. Extraordinary advances have been made in the treatment of mental well-being with digital solutions now.




Structuring the content to follow the arc of the story


Aesthetic design demonstrating a level of creative and conceptual thinking


Accentuating the market growth numbers with relevant infographics and appealing design


Presenting the key relevant financials to demonstrate the potential growth

The client was looking to raise funding for product and website development. While the management was busy with building the solution, they were looking for an advisor to create a visually appealing pitch deck with focus on design clearly communicating the message.

The Final Results

An impeccably designed presentation with crisp messaging

Well-structured content communicating an attractive opportunity for potential investors

Bought clarity about the business model, target market, and funding goals

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