AlphaValley Developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Beverage E-commerce


The client aimed to mend the broken value chain to fulfil unmet B2C demand for a refreshing at-home coffee experience in the promising regions of KSA and UAE.

He needed professional expertise to redevelop and garnish his existing pitch deck with an impactful narrative of his grand vision.
Coffee consumption in GCC is on the rise in tandem with increasing e-commerce sales. The coffee import has risen by 43% in KSA and 249% in UAE during 2008-2018. By 2026, domestic Saudi coffee consumption is forecasted to reach 28,700 tons per annum. Online purchases and at-home brewing of coffee have become a preferred norm for its loyal customers. A path-defining trend for coffee companies, notably accelerating the roll-out of digital tools, including mobile applications for ordering, curbside pick-up, delivery, and e-commerce platforms for coffee retailing.




Elevating an existing pitch deck with a refreshing flavour


Communicating the efficacy of the expansion plan and fundraising objective


Establishing the primacy of business moat and industry growth drivers


Articulating a clear and distinguished positioning amongst the KSA players

The client was heading a profitable business in a niche beverage-focused segment and was preparing the strategy for future expansion

The Final Results

Delivered an engaging narrative and effective pitch for fundraising

Established clearly:
1. A distinguished positioning in the target market
2. Market prospects and critical growth enablers

Garnished with a compelling story and aesthetically appealing succinct presentation

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