AlphaValley developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Prize-linked saving platform


The client envisioned incentivizing the saving habit with a linked prize to their savings accounts.

Gen-Z and millennials are scouting for bigger returns, as traditional investments like fixed deposits have become less attractive, even though it is financially volatile and expose many of them to huge potential losses.
More than 60% of Indians have no access to an emergency fund, with about 70% of them either investing in FDs or do not know of any investment opportunities. Surprisingly, India is home to one of the biggest markets for lottery tickets in the world. Despite the low odds of winning through lottery and scratch cards, more than 3.5 billion people are betting on Indian lotteries.
With the availability of many market alternatives to savings, the prize-linked saving account product is gaining huge traction, especially among households. Saveup Technologies has upped the ante in the game of today’s uninspiring, least-rewarding savings accounts, giving customers a novel, fun place to save.
The client envisioned incentivizing the saving habit with a linked prize to their savings accounts. They needed our expertise in putting together an impactful pitch deck, highlighting the snapshots of vital projections and business valuation.




Creating a precise, impactful, and engaging pitch deck for investors


Researching market for assessing and developing a validated business model across geographies


Building a viable financial model, underscoring the profitability of the business for potential investors


Evaluating valuation considering the premise of the business and funding objective

The client needed to raise seed funding for the development of the platform and its marketing. The founder was convinced about the huge untapped market opportunity of his idea. He needed an expert pitch deck developer to clarify and present the business idea in a crisp, aesthetically appealing design and with an alluring narrative.

The Final Results

Decomplexifying the idea into a formidable pitch with the startup vision in an investor-friendly diction

Delivered an appealing design and elevated deck serving the business objective

Created a robust financial plan with inbuilt potential future outcomes

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