AlphaValley developed a Pitch Deck and Business Plan for a Pet Health Company


The client wanted to tackle this problem head-on with India’s first preventive health service for pets. Wiggles wanted to offer pet owners subscription box that contains preventive medicines and supplements. The client was looking for an advisor to draw out a detailed business plan for raising seed fund.

Pet ownership in India has grown multifold in the last decade. The proliferation is primarily because of the expanding urban middle class. While this trend fueled the allied verticals such as pet food and cosmetics, preventive healthcare largely remains neglected. A significant share of people turns pet owners because it’s a status symbol. The pet owners often abandon their old pets as the cost of health care, vaccines, and medicines multiply when pets age.




How to evaluate the feasibility of the project?


How big is the market and which segments are likely to grow rapidly?


How to create a blue-print for offering, operations, and rapid expansion?


How to develop a convincing story and investment thesis for raising capital?

The founder wanted to get to the market quickly. He wanted to focus on developing the product and hiring the right people to accomplish his vision. While he was convinced about the opportunity and market potential for his products/services/, he didn’t want to dilute his focus on writing the business plan and pitch deck. So, he was looking for an advisor who could

The Final Results

Brought clarity about the business model

Investors were impressed by the preciseness and clarity

Raised $500K in seed round. Paved the path to $5M

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